Help us by joining the beta.

Our new exercise experience is in its final development. We are asking for those interested in a new group fitness app to join our beta program. The Android and iOS apps will be available in June 1st. The beta program will continue through May and Beta participants will be given a free year subscription.


Android and iOS

The UNHURD app will be released on both Android and iOS. You will also be able to run a dashboard on your tablet and PC.


Find and Invite your friends to your workout Unhurd. Dynamically create teams to accomplish each persons goals.

Goal Tracking

Stay accountable to yourself, goal tracking lets you see where you need to work harder. Simply enter in what workouts you want to do and stay on top of your game.

Dynamic Teams

Use our patent pending technology to create the best teams and partner work outs.

Better Scheduling

Our community evolves around creating the best workouts and meeting individual schedules.


Share your success and help others get to their goals too. Evolve your workouts and be the inspiration to evolve each other. We want you to grow and the community too.